KP Govt to enact legislation devolving all powers to lower tier of governance: CM

PESHAWAR Oct13(APP):Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan has said the provincial government is about to enact legislations devolving all powers and authority to the lower tier of governance. The local government would be strengthened to undertake developmental activities, launch cleanliness drive, look after the drain , sanitation system and find out solution to the people problems.
He was addressing at the clean and green Pakistan drive at District Council Hall Peshawar.
Spokesman Provincial government Shaukat Yousafzai, Special Assistant to CM Kamran Bangash, MNA Haji Shaukat Ali, Senator Haji Fida Muhammad, acting District Nazim Peshawar Qasim Shah, Town Nazimeen and councils and other concerned official attended.
Addressing the participants the Chief Minister said this province had a model of historic Billion Tree Tsunami which was being replicated throughout the country. He said that under the 100 days plan, the government would plan another Billion Tree within five years in the province alone, however the 100 day plan will sketch out the overall five years reforms initiatives in all departments throughout the province, he added.
“All should realize their responsibilities for clean and green Pakistan as per vision of the Prime Minister Imran Khan”, he added.
He said that the clean and green drive has been launched in Peshawar would be an overall plan for
the whole of the province and the country. The Peshawar drive alone will be expanded to all towns
and the periphery of Peshawar.
We are committed to make Peshawar the city of flowers again and revive its past grandeur. The drive for the beautification of the whole of the province being initiated from Peshawar would be extended to the whole of the province. We have to own our province, our capital Peshawar and our other cities of the province and ensure complete cleanliness by ourselves, he added.
The PTI government had successfully completed the billion tree tsunami project in its previous tenure. Our experience of the Billion Tree Tsunami has become a workable system which could be experienced at national level. We would plan another similar drive like Billion Tree Tsunami for plantation of another Billion tree in five years, he added.
He assured that new act of local government would be best one and the developmental activities would be launched by the new local government system.
He termed the local government system the nursery of democracy and as he himself is the product of local government system.
He called upon the local government representatives to work with zeal and spirit that would be a launching pad for their political progression and would take the country to the new heights of development.
Later talking to the media the Chief Minister said that clean and green Pakistan drive is a continuous process beyond the time line adding that we have to collectively contribute to the clean and green province.
Responding to a question on BRT the Chief Minister assured all out efforts for early completion of BRT in order to achieve the objectives behind this project.
He assured that after completion of 100 days working, he would invite the media to tell them about his government’s targets, reforms and developmental strategies in different sectors and welfare activities throughout the province.
On another question Mahmood Khan reaffirmed his firm commitment for a free corruption province and assured zero level tolerance to any corrupt practices in the province. He also assured to control the artificial price hike in the province.
Soon after the completion of the function, the Chief Minister drove straight for a surprise visit of the under construction of Mega project of Peshawar Rapid Bus Transit.
He inspected various spots of Reach-1 inspecting the quality of work, the overhead bridges and the underground lining of the BRT route. He directed for the accelerated completion of BRT adding that the delay is not only undesirable but also brings unnecessary perturbations to the people and commuters.
He said that it is a unique project which should be seen as master plan for finding one solution to all traffic congestions, cleanliness, improved drainage, connectivity of all feeding routes with the main artery thus giving one solution to all the problems of Peshawar and after completion it would shape up the overall beautification of Peshawar city. It is the best project by all standards which would not be subsidized but the spurs and the support system in shape up of parking and commercial plazas, shops etc. would be a supporting pad for the durability, sustainability and overall viable operationalized transport services in Peshawar city.