Kazakhstan’s chairmanship in UNSC will anchor peace,prosperity in region



ISLAMABAD, Jan 25 (APP):Kazakhstan’s Presidency of United Nations Security Council will be promising for peace and cooperation between states at global level and also for regional integration in different regions.
This was stated by Farhat Asif, President of the Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies (IPDS), at a seminar which was organized by IPDS here at Preston University, said a press release.
The topic of seminar was “United Nations Security Council: Kazakhstan’s Chairmanship ”
The purpose of the seminar was to discuss Kazakhstan’s vision during its Chairmanship of the UN Security Council and its constructive role in Afghanistan peace process including nuclear non proliferation.
Speaking on behalf of Embassy of Republic Kazakhstan to Pakistan, Darkan, Counselor said that Kazakhstan has credibility in world and is highly regarded as peacekeeper in international conflicts and an uncompromising support to fight against terrorism and extremism. Kazakhstan believes that today world needs to pay more attention towards building trust relations between different countries and political leaders, he added.
Discussing Afghanistan issue Darkan said that the country pay special attention to humanitarian aspect of the crisis and will play its necessary role for our future generations to live in peace and harmony.
It is important to note here that quite recently, UN Security Council delegation has recently visited Kabul to support Afghanistan’s peace and security policies under the leadership of Kazakhstan.
Dr. Adam Saud, Assistant Professor, Bahria University told the participants about Kazakhstan’s successful nuclear program rollback. He said that the UN General Assembly designated 29th August as International Day against nuclear when Semipalatinsk nuclear weapon test site in Kazakhstan, one of the largest nuclear weapon test sites in the world, was closed.
Dr. Sarwat Rauf, Assistant from NUML University informed the participants of about Kazakhstan’s role in peace process in Afghanistan. She said that as the country is member of various international and regional bodies, Kazakhstan has advocated to promote an inclusive and regional solution to the Afghanistan.
She also explained about the Kazakhstan’s recent initiatives at the UNSC related to Afghanistan. Taimour Zulfiqar Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Diplomats and representative from various missions, civil society and academicians were also present during the seminar.