Kashmiris never resigned to Indian occupation: Ex-Pakistani minister



NEW YORK, Mar 4 (APP):Yusuf Buch, a former Pakistani cabinet minister and diplomat, has said that the Kashmiri people’s sustained resistance
to Indian occupation of Kashmir underlined the fact that they never wanted to be a part of India.
“Had there been any popular support in Kashmir for joining India, the dispute over Kashmir would have lasted for
ayear or so at the most,” he said in a meeting in New York with Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, a Kashmiri activist and
Secretary-General of the World Kashmir Awareness Forum, according to a press release.
Despite India’s brutal tactics to subdue them, Buch said that “Kashmiris hardly showed themselves as resigned
to Indian occupation.”
Yusuf Buch, 95, was special assistant to former Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto from 1972-77, with the rank
of a federal minister. He also served as Pakistan’s ambassador to Switzerland in 1977. Later, Buch joined the United
Nations as senior adviser to the Secretary-General, a post he held for 14 years.
“The situation in Kashmir has nothing to do with passivity or docility in the Kashmiri character “ that myth has been
shattered now,” he pointed out.
“Some discontent notwithstanding, Kashmir never felt itself to be part of India before 1947 and feels even less so after
its forcible seizure by the Indian troops,” Buch said.
He added, “The de-annexation process is inevitable in the post-colonial age. The only question is whether it is
accomplished by armed struggle, resulting in a spiral of violence and counter-violence, or through negotiations
and/or other means of peaceful settlement. The choice always lies with the occupying power.”