Kashmiris pray for strong, stable Pakistan: APHC

Pakistan Defense Day

ISLAMABAD, Sep 6 (APP):The All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) Vice Chairman, Ghulam Ahmed Gulzar, while greeting Pakistan on its Defense Day has paid glowing tributes to the heroes of the 1965 war who sacrificed lives to defend their motherland and defeated the evil designs of the enemy.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Ghulam Ahmed Gulzar in a statement issued in Srinagar said, that the 6th of September, Pakistan’s Defense Day, is the tale of bravery and heroism.

“On this memorable day, the Pakistani nation stood united as one solid edifice to meet the onslaught of the enemy that chose the cover of darkness to achieve its nefarious designs.”

“Strong and prosperous Pakistan is not only key to the peace in the region but also guarantees the success to the legitimate freedom movement of Kashmiri people,” he added.

The Kashmir issue, he said, is the main hurdle in the peace in the region. “will remain a dream unless the Kashmir issue is resolved according to UN resolutions and wishes and aspirations of Kashmiris people,” he added.

Gulzar said that Indian hegemonic and expansionary designs were a real threat to world peace and peace in south Asia.

The arrogance of the power of Indian rulers has not only jeopardized peace but also started an arms race in the region.

“The war hysteria of Indian rulers is a severe threat to its neighbors especially Pakistan.”

Ghulam Ahmed Gulzar said, “Kashmir is the main cause of enmity between India and Pakistan. Pakistan has always supported the just struggle of the Kashmiri people for self-determination.”

“It is the real ambassador of Kashmiris who is advocating the Kashmir cause at every international and regional forum.”

“India has thrust many wars on Pakistan to punish it for supporting the Kashmir cause. It is sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan to destabilize it,” he said.

“Despite all these conspiracies, Pakistan stands like a rock with Kashmiris.”

APHC vice chairman said, “Pakistan is the only hope for Kashmiris and thanked Pakistan for its rock-solid support and expressed hope that Pakistan will further expedite its diplomatic efforts for Kashmir resolution.”

He said, “India has declared full-fledged war against Kashmiris and deployed over one million troops to crush the popular voice of freedom but has miserably failed to conquer unarmed Kashmiris.”

He said, “APHC believes that meaningful and result-oriented dialogue can resolve disputes and bring peace which is vital for the betterment of South Asian people.”

“Further escalation can result in more poverty, arms races, and ultimately catastrophe in the region.”

“The implementation of UN resolutions in letter and spirit is the most viable solution to the Kashmir dispute,”Gulzar said.

He also urged the UN to take concrete steps for its resolutions on Kashmir and restore its lost credibility and glory.

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