APHC decries worsening HR situation, drug menace in Kashmir

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ISLAMABAD, Sep 5 (APP):Senior APHC leader Shabbir Ahmed Shah has voiced grave concern over the continued bloodshed and human rights violations at the hands of Indian occupation forces in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
In his message from New Delhi’s Tihar jail, the detained leader, while referring to the recent acts of state terrorism in which innocent youth were killed in the Kashmir valley, said that during so-called operations innocent civilians particularly youth were deliberately targeted after being labelled “militants”.
“On the one hand, the Indian government has let loose its forces to kill Kashmiris while NIA has been given a free hand to target and silence political activists and members of civil society who have refused to accept the government dictates, on the other”, Shah said, adding that attachment and confiscation of properties of Hurriyat leaders was part of the apartheid regime’s clampdown campaign to silence legitimate political voices in Kashmir.
Shabbir Shah said that in pursuit of the Israeli settler colonialism model the Modi regime continues to confiscate the Kashmiris’ lands and properties.
Houses, lands, offices of the Kashmiri people are seized to create an environment of fear and force them to subjugation”, he said, adding that government employees were being terminated on flimsy grounds.
He, however, maintained that such mean tactics by New Delhi won’t deter Kashmiris from pursuing their collective cause of freedom.
The Hurriyat leader urged the world human rights organizations to take effective notice of the bloodshed violence, persecution and victimization of political leaders and activists in the territory.
Shabbir Shah said it is high time for the United Nations to show that it is not a toothless organization and save the Kashmiris from the Modi regime’s onslaught. Resolution of the Kashmir dispute lies only in relevant UN resolutions, he added.
He also voiced grave concern over the fast-spreading drug menace in the Kashmir valley and termed it a deep-rooted conspiracy against the Kashmiri population.
   He said that the drug mafia working under government patronage has turned the valley into a drug den where innocent people particularly the youth were being lured into drugs.
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