ISLAMABAD, Dec 13 (APP):The people of Pakistan’s unique Kalash valley situated in Chitral tribes’ annual traditional festival known as Jumbas continues the second day (Thursday) with the most vibrant way.
According to details , a large number of people participated in the historic festival and were entertained through distribution of gifts among the visitors and guests as a token to revive the traditional customs and perform religious rites in intense cold season.
A female in Kalash valley giving the details of the festival said , after 3 days the locals would visit to their specific places where organizers of this festival have arranged separate places for their male and female visitors and they will also slaughtered their animals to enjoy the dishes.
A local in Kalash tribe, Sher Khan said, the people while celebrating the traditional festival also decorated and lighting up their worship places.
He further demanded the local authorities to provide well constructed streets and roads for smooth movements in snow weather areas as residents are continuously facing problems to reach in their worshiper places.He said this Jumbas festival will continue till December 28.