Jehangir Badar was man of commitment: Dar

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ISLAMABAD Nov 18 (APP): Minister for Finance, Revenue, Statistics and
Economic Affairs Muhammad Ishaq Dar on Friday spoke highly of the commitment of former Senator Jehangir Badar.

Speaking in the Senate during reference about Jehangir Badar, the
minister said his unflinching commitment for the party even during military regimes makes him a model for the political workers.

“He remained commitment with his party even when he bore lashes on his  back during Ziaul Haq regime. His commitment was solid like a rock as he stood firm with his party during all ups and downs”, Dar said.

The minister also mentioned to two other examples of commitment when he  quoted the incident of naming his son as Zulfiqar Badar and chose Benazir Bhutto as topic for his Phd thesis.

Dar also recalled the student age when he and Jehangir Badar used to
study at Helley College in Lahore where Jehangir Badar was elected President. “Since, his student life he remained with PPPP and when he died he was a committed leader of his party”.

He said Jehangir Badar loved his colleagues and friends and always
shared their sorrows and delights.Despite all political differences, he was a great friend, a great leader and a great human being.

The minister also mentioned to his role in Charter of Democracy and said  his death is a great loss for the country, the Parliament and Peoples Party.