Japan’s Nari in front in Pak open golf championship


LAHORE, Oct 18 (APP):After the second round of the four rounds Raya Pakistan Open Golf Championship 2019 being contested at the well maintained Defence Raya Golf Course, the leader of the championship is Nari Gamma, a star golf professional from Japan here on Friday.

This accomplished golfer of the Asian Development Golf Tour ended the two rounds at an aggregate score of 134,ten under par,a position he achieved through skillful and meticulous application of golfing skills.Another proficient and adept one seeking to challenge the leader,in the rounds to follow tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday is Johyung Kim of Korea. He backed up his outstanding first round score of gross 66, with a card of 70 in the second round.By attaining an aggregate score of 136,eight under par for the two rounds, he finds himself in a premier position as this championship gears up for the third round on Saturday.

The early morning rain on Friday did hamper the proceedings, as the first tee off scheduled for 645 am had to be deferred for almost ninety minutes and as result quite a few of the participating competitors could not complete their round yesterday.As per rules they will tee off early at 730 am on Saturday and first complete their left over holes and thereafter play the third round..

While the two top ones Nari and Kim enjoyed a standing of ascendancy and control,there are five challengers who lag behind at a two rounds aggregate score of 141, but seem determined to come up with formidable and overwhelming performances in the third round so as to pose a threat to the leaders.

Three of these players are from overseas and the reassuring aspect for Pakistan is that two are Pakistanis.The three overseas players are Mitchell Slorach from Singapore,Hyuhehul Shin from Korea and Choo Tze Huang from Singapore.And the Pakistanis are Zohaib Asif and Mohammad Munir.

Expectations are huge from Munir as he represents the top line up amongst the Pakistani professionals and has to his credit many meritorious performances,the latest one being the Asian Circuit Match in Karachi where he came third and missed the first slot by the narrowest of margins.An additional attribute that he possesses is that he is battle hardened and does not crack under pressure .As for Zohaib Asif ,he falls in the upcoming category loaded with talent and just might end up with honors when this championship concludes.

The arrangements for this championship are hospitality loaded and foreign players are feeling looked after during their stay in at the Raya Club Guest Rooms.
Other competitors looking worthy and neat, are three in number.

These three are bracketed at an aggregate score of 142 and include Oscar Zetterwall of Sweden, Mat Killen of England and Mohammad Shabbir of Pakistan.