APP34-15 FAISALABAD: July 15 - Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan addressing a public meeting during election campaign at Dhobi Ghat Ground. APP photo by Tasawar Abbas


FAISALABAD, July 15 (APP)::Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan Sunday said it was time to get rid of the corrupt, who were responsible for poverty and economic instability in the country and for the purpose the people should use their vote.
The ultimate victims of the loot and plunder of national wealth were the poor, who were still facing poverty and they should reject the looters and plunderers on July 25 to restart development process in the country, he said while addressing a public meeting here at the Dhubi Ghat Ground.
He alleged that those who had ruled the country during the last 10 years, had added unbearable burden of foreign loans of Rs 27,000 billion. They also plundered taxes paid by the people from their hard-earned income, to build palatial houses for their siblings in different countries, leaving the common man deprived of even basic facilities, he added.
He urged the people of Faisalabad to vote for the PTI as it would not only resolve their basic problems but also make Pakistan a developed country.
Imran said: “We, however, cannot make a new Pakistan unless we mend our ways, besides rejecting the corrupt and dishonest elements in the election.” Allah Almighty had given the people an opportunity to get rid of the corrupt politicians, he added.
The PTI chief said 10 years ago, electricity was available at Rs 2.13 per unit, which was now being supplied
at Rs 9.86. Similarly, the gas rate had risen from Rs 150 to Rs 573 per unit. “The costly electricity and gas has made our textile sector uncompetitive in the international market,” he added.
He said the prices of commodities of daily use were also affordable a decade ago, which had now increased manifold. The flour’s price had jumped from Rs 13 to Rs 45 per kg and that of pulses from Rs 55 to Rs 90 per kg, he added.
He asked the people to come out of the influence of looters so that the development process in the country should be restarted like 1960s when big projects like Mangla, Tarbela and Warsik dams were completed and industry had made progress at the fastest pace. There was no corruption at that time and institutions were strong, he added.
Regarding the issues being faced by the residents of Faisalabad, he said the PTI after coming to power would ensure immediate payment to the cane growers by the sugar mill owners. The mills failing to make timely payments would be made to pay delay charges and in case of inordinate delay they would be blacklisted.
Eighty per cent of small looms in the area had already closed and the PTI would start special one window operation to facilitate the sector, he pledged.
He said farmers would get electricity and other facilities at the same rates at which the same were being provided in India.
He said minorities would get equal rights like other citizens so that they could also play their role in building a new Pakistan.
Naeemul Haq, Pir Habib Irfani of Sundar Sharif, Raza Nasrullah Ghumman, Chaudhary Zaheeruddin and others
also addressed the meeting.