Israel, Hamas were minutes away from war: UN official



UNITED NATIONS, July 25 (APP):A senior United Nations official has said that Israel and Hamas were minutes away from another devastating confrontation in Gaza on Saturday a clash averted after UN and Egyptian diplomatic efforts got both sides to step back from the brink.
After intense efforts by the United Nations and Egypt, I can report that the situation is calming down, although tensions remain, Nickolay Mladenov, UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East peace process, told the UN Security Council via video link from Jerusalem on Tuesday.
He said that last Saturday we were minutes away from another devastating confrontation between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.
The enclave bordered by Israel and the Mediterranean has been controlled by Hamas, a Palestinian faction, since 2007. Israel has blocked the movements of Palestinians from Gaza.
Briefing the Council on recent developments around Gaza, Mladenov said that over the last two weeks, the situation quickly spiralled out of control, nearly to a point of no-return.The UN has said the root causes of the intractable conflict there include a more than 50-year occupation by Israel of the Palestinian territory; its years-long blockade of Gaza; Hamass continuing control of the enclave, and the division between Palestines two political factions, Fatah and Hamas.
The past month, he said, has witnessed one of the largest escalations since the most recent 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict.
Nineteen Palestinians, including seven children, were killed by Israel troops in Gaza, during protests, clashes, and airstrikes, and over 1,000 were injured.
One Israeli soldier was killed by gunfire from Gaza last week, while four Israeli civilians and an IDF soldier were moderately injured, respectively, by rocket fire and a hand grenade attack.
Hamas and other activists fired 283 rockets and mortars from Gaza towards Israel, while The Israeli Air Force (IAF) fired some 189 missiles and artillery shells against targets in Gaza, the UN said.
Mladenov said he travelled to Gaza on 15 July and earlier on Tuesday, in an urgent effort to de-escalate tensions, appealing to Palestinian factions not to provoke incidents at the fence, to immediately stop the firing of rockets and mortars and to stop the incendiary kites and balloons. He appealed to Israel to fully reopen border crossings, stop shelling, particularly in populated areas, and to exercise restraint towards Gaza.
I returned to Jerusalem from Gaza just an hour ago and am hopeful that with collective efforts by all sides we can avoid another war, allow Palestinians in Gaza and Israelis in communities across the border to sleep in peace and begin addressing all humanitarian issues, he said.
On Sunday, the UN warned that supplies of emergency fuel provided by the world body for critical facilities in Gaza are running out.
Mladenov said that on Tuesday, the first 100,000 litres of much-needed fuel were allowed through the Kerem Shalom crossing, to be distributed by the UN to hospitals and emergency services.
Turning to the Syrian Golan Heights, he said that recent developments on the Golan have heightened tensions.
He said that a few hours ago, the Israeli Defence Forces reported that it fired two missiles, which shot down a Syrian fighter jet that they claim had infiltrated nearly two kilometres into Israeli airspace.
We are closely monitoring the situation, he said.