Iqbal emerges senior pro champion in JA Zaman memorial golf


LAHORE, Mar 08 (APP):Muhammed Iqbal of Gymkhana played outstanding golf and ended up as the senior professionals champion with an impressive score of gross 70,two under par in the JA Zaman memorial open golf championship here on Thursday at Lahore gymkhana course.
Asghar Ali of Gymkhana came second.His score was gross 71 and the third slot went to Muhammed Akram(WAPDA).His score was gross 72.
The first round of this four rounds of the event backed by the Zaman Family was inaugurated by Hamid Zaman ,Head of the Family at the Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course by hitting the first shot on Thursday.
From the competitive angle this first round was earmarked for the senior professionals ,junior professionals ,senior amateurs and veterans and as for the Professionals and Amateurs ,they will be competing over the next three days from tomorrow, Friday.
Junior Professionals also completed their competitive outing yesterday and amongst them the winner was Usman Ali of Garrison Golf Club.His gross score was 71,one under par and the runners up slot was occupied by three participants ,Bilal Hussain of MCG ,Kashif Masih of Garrison and Amir Khan of Peshawar.These three were bracketed at a score of gross 74 and as per rules,Bilal Hussain was declared second and Kashif Masih ,third.
In the race for honors amongst the senior amateurs ,Javed A.Khan (Gymkhana) dominated the proceedings and through accurate hitting and smooth putting came up with a score of gross 75,thus winning the top position in the senior amateur category.Competitors who won positions other that the first are Tariq Mehmood(Garrison) and Col Rustam Piracha also of Garrison.Tariq Mehmood came second with a gross score of 76 and Col Rustam Piracha came third and his gross score was 77.Net first position went to Maj Gen Qasim Qureshi(Gymkhana) his net score being 69.Col Muhammed Shafi(Garrison) picked up the second net and his net score was 72.Third net winner was Dr Khurran Saadat he also had a net score of 72 but because of a better score over the last nine holes ,Col Shafi was declared second.

The highlight of the day was a superb shot hit by Abdul Nafey Burki, on the par 3,4th hole. His shot was stunningly accurate but what turned out to be more stunning was that this shot after landing travelled about five yards and ended up in the hole yielding a rewarding hole in one for this golfer of Lahore Gymkhana.
As a result of this success he became entitled to the hole in one car provided no other participant succeeds in getting a hole in one over the remaining three rounds .
Tonorrow, Friday the Professionals and Amateurs aim to light up the golf course with sparkling play.Shabbir Iqbal is looking brilliant and so are his challengers Muhammed Munir ,Matloob Ahmed and Shahid Javed Khan.In the amateur category the champions who will be under focus are Ahmed Baig,M.Saqib and Mohammad Rehman.