India’s intimidation cannot suppress freedom struggle in IOK: Masood Khan


MIRPUR (AJK), Jan 10 (APP)::President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), Sardar Masood Khan said that the Government will make every effort to ensure the strengthening of the political system, good governance, carrying out merit-based appointments, and fast-tracking development projects within Azad Kashmir.
The President expressed these views in a meeting with Prime Minister AJK, Raja Farooq Haider Khan on Wednesday, wherein the two leaders also discussed the deteriorating human rights situation in IOK and expressed their resolve to intensify collective efforts for the realization of the right to self-determination of the Kashmiris.
Masood Khan said that the global community has turned a blind eye towards the gross violations of international humanitarian laws taking place in IOK. He said, “India is committing crimes against humanity and carrying out an ethnic genocide in Jammu and Kashmir.”
He said that Indian Occupation forces are indiscriminately using pellet guns and other lethal weapons to maim and terrorize the peaceful protesters. The Kashmir issue, he said, needs to be peacefully and democratically resolved in light of the resolutions passed by the UN Security Council. “World powers must censure India over the war crimes committed in Indian Occupied Kashmir”, said President AJK.
The two leaders said that the people of Kashmir are indebted to the support of the people of Pakistan, and it’s Government who has always advocated the Kashmir cause at international forums. They affirmed the resolve to stay vigilant and stand by Pakistan in the face of the nefarious designs of India. “We will face the subversive forces and frustrate their attempts in targeting Pakistan, AJK and Gilgit Baltistan”, said the President.
Discussing the ongoing development projects, the President and Prime Minister said that special efforts will be made for developing infrastructure, increasing hydro power production, laying down modern road networks, enhancing tourism, promoting agriculture, and expanding conventional and extractive industrial activity.
The President said all projects will be completed according to international standards without compromising on deadlines. He also said that projects related to health facilities, education, as well as water schemes, especially in the marginalized regions of AJK, need to be prioritized.
Both leaders reassured that meritocracy will be prioritized throughout the Government set up by ensuring transparency and accountability at every stage.
In another meeting, the Leader of Opposition AJK Legislative Assembly Ch. Muhammad Yasin, also called on President during which matters of international and national significance were discussed.
Reiterating the unified stance of all the political parties in Pakistan and AJK, the President said that the opposition and Government have always shared the same platform on the issue of Kashmir.
President Masood Khan said that despite political differences, local and mainstream political parties share the same sentiments and stand abreast with their brothers and sisters in Kashmir in their demand for the right to self-determination. “Kashmiris will never bow down to India’s intimidation and their attempts to create disunity among our ranks will never succeed”, said President Masood Khan.