India wants to destabilize Pakistan; agencies thwarted four major terrorist acts: PM

ISLAMABAD, Jun 30 (APP):Prime Minister Imran Khan Tuesday said that India was undoubtedly involved in terrorist activities inside Pakistan, including the attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange as it was trying to destabilize the country and create an atmosphere of uncertainty.

Speaking in the National Assembly soon after the passage of annual budget, he especially mentioned the valour and huge sacrifices of police personnel and security guards who thwarted the terrorist attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange on Monday.

He saluted the sacrifices of the ‘heroes of Pakistan’, including Sub-Inspector Shahid Shaheed, and stock exchange guards Ifitkhar, Khudayar and Hassan Ali. The latter’s sister suffered from cardiac arrest and could not survive on hearing the news of the incident.

The prime minister further said the terrorists, armed with weapons, had arrived with nefarious designs to take people at the PSX as hostage, but the police and security personnel frustrated their plan.

Imran Khan said the country’s intelligence agencies were on high alert. “Four major terrorist acts have been thwarted and preempted, including two around the Federal Capital Islamabad,” he said,  adding it was a huge success and appreciated the performance and vigilance of the intelligence agencies.