India using so-called economic leverage to blackmail world powers over human rights issues

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WASHINGTON, Dec. 6 (APP):“India is using its so-called strategic and economic leverages to blackmail western nations to ignore atrocities it is unleashing against innocent Kashmiris in the Occupied Valley, President AJK Sardar Masood Khan said here on Tuesday.
“Political expediency and mercantilism must not hold back responsible powers from their moral, political and legal obligation of responding to the well recorded and widely reported incidents of massive violations of human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK),” he said.
The AJK President was speaking to South Asia experts at the Middle East Institute, a leading think-tank in Washington DC, which has invited him to speak on the current dynamics of the Kashmir dispute.
He informed the experts that India’s vicious policy of unleashing state coercion on innocent Kashmiris bordered on crimes against humanity. India was blackmailing key western nations on the basis of its so-called strategic and economic leverages, the President said.
“Ignoring Indian atrocities would amount to acquiescing to its policy of state coercion as regularly displayed through brutalities perpetrated against the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir,” he said while adding that New Delhi has so misled the world by framing the Kashmir issue in the context of terrorism.
“There was no terrorism in Kashmir,” the President said adding that the reality is that India is guilty of mass killing of innocent people.
The AJK President urged the international community, especially the United States to take notice of the gross human rights violations and make serious efforts to find a lasting solution to the Jammu and Kashmir dispute.
He said the human Rights violations being perpetrated against the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir must not be seen through the prism of regional politics. Besides India and Pakistan, the people of Kashmir were an indispensable stakeholder in any decision on their future, he said.
Responding to a question related to UNSC resolutions on Kashmir, President Masood Khan said that India was already in violation of its obligations to the United Nations. He underscored that the whole process of finding a solution to the Kashmir dispute was anchored in the UNSC Resolutions.
Earlier, the AK President addressed a gathering of Pakistan American community at the Pakistan Embassy. He said that Pakistan was incomplete without Kashmir and Kashmir has its identity rooted in Pakistan.
He said the world must strongly condemn the brutalities perpetrated by Indian security forces in the Kashmir valley.” The voice of the Kashmiri people would never be suppressed as the next generation of Kashmiris has taken it upon themselves to secure their freedom from Indian oppression”.
President Masood Khan lauded the services of the Kashmiri diaspora, both within the United States as well as other parts of the world for keeping the Kashmir issue alive. He said India will have no choice but to heed to the demands of the Kashmiris, whose sacrifices will never go waste.
Earlier, Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry welcomed Sardar Masood Khan on behalf of the Pakistani American diaspora and commended him for his efforts to highlight and project the Kashmir issue at various international fora.
The event was attended by notable Pakistani American and Kashmiri community members.