India to fail to silence emotions of Kashmiris

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ISLAMABAD, Oct 20 (APP): Minister for Religious Affairs, Sardar Muhammad Yousaf Thursday said that Indian authorities would bitterly fail in their evil designs to curb and silence emotions of Kashmiris, who were struggling for their right to self determination.

Addressing the participants of Kashmir rally here, organized by Majlis Ulema-e-Azad Kashmir, the minister said that India forces were using brute force to create a fake impression of normalcy in the territory.

He said that Indian authorities were using military might to suppress the aspirations of masses and tarnishing every fabric of all ethical, moral  and human values in the territory.

Criticizing India for committing blatant human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir, he said state-terrorism was the worst and most ruthless, as it has legal cover and administrative patronage.

There was democratic and nationalist shield to legitimize and
justify the heinous crimes being committed by those supposed to uphold the human and democratic values, he added.

He said that people of the Indian occupied Kashmir were the worst sufferers of countless murders, rapes, devastations, arrests, disappearances and humiliation.

The rally was addressed by the leaders of political and religious parties and the representatives of various organizations representing all classes of the civil society.

Speakers highlighted the importance of early peaceful settlement of the Kashmir issue while registering protest against the illegal Indian occupation.

They reiterated the demand for early grant of right to self determination to the people of India occupied Kashmir without further delay which India was denying since last 69 years through traditional hostile and coercive methods.