Govt taking steps to improve air quality for better economy results: Malik Amin


ISLAMABAD, Nov 19 (APP):Adviser to Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam Tuesday said that present government was taking immediate measures to improve air quality by using the best technologies available, implementing Clean & green Pakistan and Electric Vehicle projects for better economy results in future.

Talking to private news channel, the adviser said the PTI government was taking steps to address issues related to water pollution, air and vehicular pollution, industrial pollution, improper waste disposal in cities and towns in the country.

He said the government has already launched National Clean Green Programme, a time-bound national level strategy to tackle increasing air pollution due to climate change.

Amin Aslam said that the government has worked on important projects such as the Billion Tree Tsunami to reduce the risks of increasing environmental and air pollution adding that more work is still needed in that regard.

He said that bad air quality might result in serious health effects, worsening lung and heart diseases and causing respiratory effects, especially during the winter months from October to December when citizens should avoid exposure to dangerous air.

Federal cabinet has also approved the first-ever national Electric Vehicles (EV) policy in a bid to tackle effects of climate change and offer affordable transport which would be a game changer for Pakistan, he mentioned.

This project will give positive and long lasting affect on economy as well, he added.

He said with the introduction of electric cars, trucks, vans and even tri-wheeler rickshaws, the rate of pollution and smog will drop down.

Malik Amin said besides reducing air pollution, pollution monitoring networks will also be enhanced all over the country and activities will be put in place to improve awareness among masses.

He said that Prime minister Imran Khan has special interest in green and sustainable development, which is why the Climate Change Ministry was tasked to come up with an Electric Vehicle Policy.

He said Imran Khan’s government would involve all stakeholders from energy to automobile industries for effective results.

Adviser further said air pollution was the most silent killer which was increasing all over the world and kills millions of people annually, adding that it was also costing 6 percent to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) whereas at present it reaches to 9 percent.

The adviser further said the clean and green project initiated by the government would be beneficial for the pollution reduction.

“We are going to take clean green programme in all schools across the country in next Phase”, he added.

“Our ministry has given a five points agenda for five years including up-scaled 10 billion tree tsunami project, clean green Pakistan movement, plastic bags ban, electric vehicle policy and recharge Pakistan”.

All these agendas are set keeping in view the challenges of pollution and climate change into consideration for a green future development,” Amin said.