Zong 4G plays role of primary connectivity provider in CPEC projects: Wang Hua
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BEIJING, Sep 17 (APP): In a majority of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects, Zong 4G is playing the role of primary connectivity provider thanks to its unrivaled network footprint and best-in-class high-speed data products and services that have stimulated digital penetration in the country.

“The CPEC is moving ahead at an impressive pace and we’re satisfied with how Zong have helped in the realization of projects with seamless connectivity that’s also affordable,” Wang Hua, Chairman and CEO Zong said in an interview.

“Interestingly, CPEC and Digital Pakistan are and will complement of each other. Together CPEC and Digital Pakistan are a unified goal in which we’re marching with one enabling the other,” he said, adding, “CPEC is bringing long due prosperity and opportunities to the regions,” China Economic Net (CEN) reported on Thursday.

Wang Hua said, “Most of us don’t even realize the level of interaction that we will have with technology in years to come, and we’re not even talking about some distant future.”
“The things are changing rapidly but we’re glad that Pakistan is keeping its pace with technological transformation. The fact that Zong 4G has a key role to play in the nation’s progress toward Digital Pakistan is a matter of sheer pride for us,” he added.

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In essence, the project is all about connecting people and creating linkages. With multiple projects and organizations coming together to build synergies, Zong is serving them as an enabler of the initiative. Geared to connect far-flung areas of Pakistan, Zong has made investments amounting to over $ 3 billion in Pakistan and is providing super-fast connectivity along the route of the Corridor.

The company is acting as a key facilitator by providing connectivity along the length and breadth of CPEC and is helping various projects connect seamlessly.

“We are here to serve Pakistan and Pakistanis in all ways possible, and for CPEC, no other network could be as natural a connectivity partner as Zong 4G is,” Wang Hua said.
We’re powering Pakistan and the CPEC project with our widest network of over 13,000 towers, best-in-class 4G, and unbeatable bundles and packages that are tailored to the projects requirements. We’re geared to go farther in our support of the project and we will let this country achieve prosperity and a better life for its citizens,” he said.

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It is worth mentioning, over 36 million subscribers the 100% owned subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Corporation, Zong 4G, has seen exponential growth in the last few years to increase it by 10 folds to about 22%.

Being the Chinese communication company in Pakistan, Zong 4G has also helped foster economic activities creating 3,500 direct and over 200,000 in-direct employment opportunities in Pakistan.

Zong 4G’s remarkable contribution to CPEC is made possible by the operator’s passion for empowering Pakistan and its people. Having a strong faith in the ability of technology to alter lives and elevate lifestyles, Zong has spearheaded the country’s digital transformation for many years.

From being the pioneers of 4G in Pakistan, first successful 5G testing to MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) and NB-IoT trials, Zong continues to lead the industry through its technological prowess.