Xi Jinping makes proposals on Palestinian-Israel issue, calls for ceasefire

Xi Jinping

BEIJING, Nov 21 (APP): Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday made a three-point proposal on the Palestinian-Israeli issue, calling for a ceasefire to realize lasting peace and security.

All parties in the conflicts should immediately cease fire and hostilities, stop all violence and attacks targeting civilians, and release civilian detainees to avoid more loss of lives and suffering, Xi said at the BRICS extraordinary virtual summit on the Palestinian-Israeli issue.

He said it is also imperative to ensure the safe and smooth passage of humanitarian relief, expand humanitarian aid to people in Gaza, and stop the forced relocation and the cut-off of water, electricity and oil that targets people in Gaza as a collective punishment.

Xi called on the international community to take concrete measures to prevent the escalation of the conflicts and the impact on the stability of the entire Middle East.

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