Xi Jinping and College Students English-version launched in Beijing

Xi Jinping and College Students English-version launched in Beijing

BEIJING, June 26 (APP): The book ‘Xi Jinping and College Students’ translated into English and released by Pakistan’s Beyond Horizon Publication was launched in Beijing by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China.

The book features 25 interviews between Chinese President Xi Jinping and college students from 1983 to 2019. It records heart-to-heart conversations, and Xi’s down-to-earth engagement with young people. It can now be found in major bookstores in Pakistan.

The book, since published in China in November 2020, has been well received among the general public, university students in particular in China. It can now be found in major bookstores in Pakistan.

Participants from the publishing sector and media outlets, authors of the book and youth representatives both from China and overseas among other attended the recently held its launching ceremony.

The book has received a warm welcome from many young foreigners. It offers a vivid description of Xi’s insights into youth work through interviews with young people who had communicated with him.

Participants at the book launch ceremony said that the English edition of the book will help young foreigners better understand the Chinese leader and inspire those who want to learn from China’s development experience.

The book will soon also be published in a series of other languages, including Russian, French, Spanish and Arabic.