Water station built by Pakistani peacekeepers in Sudan's Darfur region goes into operation

UNITED NATIONS, June 9 (APP): Pakistani peacekeepers serving the United Nations’ African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) have constructed a water station in Ardamata area of West Darfur, a water-scarce region of Sudan.

The project, which was recently inaugurated, consist of three boreholes and six water storage facilities.

The station will provide potable water to the mission, the local community and the internally displaced persons in the area, according to message received here on Sunday.

In addition, the Pakistani peacekeepers have constructed a fence for the boreholes and water storage facilities as well as a road to the water station.

Mohammad Islam, a UNAMID official, stated that the mission would continue to share the available water resources with the local communities to help alleviate their sufferings.

“The project will not only help rationalize the mission’s spending on buying water from outsources, it will also provide the opportunity to assist the local community.”

Mohamed Ismael, a Sheikh at the Ardamata Camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs), emphasized that the newly drilled boreholes woud ease the suffering of the population in the camp.

“We have been struggling to obtain clean water, using water-hand pumps that went out of order recently.”

During the inauguration, UNAMID personnel and the Sheiks of IDPs planted trees to contribute to creating a green and healthy atmosphere in the area. The occasion coincided with World Environment Day.

During the implementation of the project, the Pakistani contingent organized a makeshift clinic and provided medical aid to the local community.

Over 2,000 Pakistani military and police personnel are currently serving with UNAMID.