BEIJING, April 27 (APP):Performance of Ustad Rais Ahmad, an eminent violinist from Pakistan, bedazzled the audience with his masterly played tunes at the opening concert of 19th Arts Meet held here at the National Center for Performing Arts in Beijing.

He played a medley which included classical Pakistani, Western and Chinese music.

The audience was greatly impressed when Ustad Rais played the famous Chinese music. He received standing applause for his excellent performance.

Ustad Rais also demonstrated his talent by playing a symphony alongside Chinese Traditional National Orchestra at the event.

Themed “Asia in Harmony,” this year’s festival opened with a concert performed by the China National Traditional Orchestra together with artists from Pakistan, Japan, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Thailand.

After 18 years’ of evolution, Meet in Beijing has become a key platform for artists and art lovers from around the world to come together and share ideas.

Wang Xiuqin, general manager of China Arts and Entertainment Group who helped organize the event said, “The festival plays prominent twin roles in the art world. One, it’s a landing platform for world classical art to enter China, and it’s the starting platform for China’s excellent stage performance art to meet the world.”

In the coming month, nearly 800 artists from 19 countries and regions will bring 130 performances, three art exhibitions and a number of public art education activities to major theaters and art centers in the city.

The participation of Ustad Rais was arranged by the Embassy of Pakistan in Beijing. It was after a long time that an eminent Pakistani artist has performed in the prestigious National Center for Performing Arts in Beijing.