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UN has responsibility to play due role on Palestine issue

BEIJING, Oct 14 (APP):China believes that the United Nations (UN) has the responsibility and obligation to play its due role on the Palestinian issue, a Cheng Xizhong, a distinguished professor at China’s Southwest University of Political Science and Law said on Saturday.
China supports the UN Security Council in holding an emergency meeting on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
He said after the outbreak of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, China, as a global power and a permanent member of the UN Security Council, has been working with the international community to make unremitting efforts for a ceasefire and an end to the war.
Since the outbreak of the conflict, the Chinese Foreign Minister and special envoy have had frequent phone calls with their counterparts and senior diplomats of the countries concerned to promote ceasefire and cessation of fighting and to state the position of the Chinese government.
Cheng Xizhong stressed that China opposes the harming of civilians and condemns practices that violate international law. We believe that the top priority is to ensure the safety of civilians, open rescue passages and avoid a serious humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
The Chinese side has clearly pointed out that the Palestinian issue is the core of the Middle East issue, and the crux is that justice has not been done to the Palestinian people. What is justice? Justice is for the Palestinian people to have their own independent state.The Palestinian people have the right to establish an independent State and the right to existence and development.Â
This is the basic human right of the Palestinian people and must be fully respected and effectively guaranteed.
The solution to the Palestinian issue lies in resuming genuine peace talks as soon as possible and realizing the legitimate rights of the Palestinian nation, Cheng said.
China calls for an international peace conference with more authority and influence to be convened as soon as possible, so as to promote the international community to reach broader consensus on the basis of the two-state solution and formulate a timetable and road map to this end, he added.

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