Two Chinese companies provide Rs32 million for flood-affected people in Pakistan

BEIJING, Sept 16 (APP): Adhering to the deep friendship between China and Pakistan, Yuan Longping High-tech Agriculture Co., Ltd. (LPHT) and Guard Agricultural Research and Services Private Company (GARS) have actively joined the local disaster relief activities in Pakistan.

A total of Rs32.19 million reliefs were provided to the people of disaster affected areas, including Rs26.19 million supplies (440 tents, worth Rs8.8 million; 171.5 tons of rice, worth Rs16.22 million; 1920 kg of salt, worth Rs770,000; 5 tons of flour, worth Rs 400,000); Rs2 million cash donated through Lahore Industry and Commerce Chamber and the Hybrid High-tech Seeds Association; Rs 4 million sent for local staff’s home rebuilding.

The relief is mainly used for the post-disaster reconstruction at Larkana, Naudero, Khair Pur, Nawabshah, Sangar, Sawat and Mardan etc, China Economic Net (CEN) reported.

LPHT is a high-tech modern seed group named after the academician Yuan Longping. The company has always taken the implementation of food security strategy as the original intention and taken “progress the seeds, benefit the world” as the mission.

The company has been giving technique support for hybrid rice planting in Pakistan for more than 2 decades. GARS takes “To import, acquire and develop the latest agricultural and crop technologies to produce quality seed to increase per acre yield and help the nation build grain surpluses to achieve adequate food security”, as the mission.

LPHT and GARS are the top hybrid rice seed brand in the market, with annual sales of more than 2,000 tons, have been increasing rice production by more than 500 million kilograms per year and earning more than 100 million US dollars for Pakistan.