NEW YORK, Jan 20 (APP):President Donald Trump Sunday denounced the House of Representative Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and the Democrats for rejecting his proposals to end the longest government shutdown in the United States history.
“Nancy Pelosi and some of the Democrats turned down my offer yesterday before I even got up to speak,” Trump wrote on Twitter. He said his opponents “don’t see crime and drugs, they only see 2020 – which they are not going to win.”
Trump had offered “compromises” in exchange for funding for his security wall along US border with Mexico, the issue that has caused the shutdown, which began on December 22 over his plea for $5.7 billion to build the barrier aimed at stopping illegal migration.
But Democrats called the proposals “unacceptable”, a “non-starter” and “hostage taking”.
In his proposal, Trump agreed to extend temporary protections for young undocumented immigrants brought to the US as children — known as ‘Dreamers’ — and individuals from some Central American and African nations, in exchange for the partial border wall funding.
The president also agreed to limit the wall to crucial parts of the border, where illegal immigration was a problem. He had originally pledged to extend the wall along the whole border, which is over 2,000 miles long. Democrats, however, quickly rejected the deal, with Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer of New York emphasizing that Trump’s offering some protections for recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) “in exchange for the wall is not a compromise but more hostage taking.”
House Speaker Pelosi also slammed Trump’s offer as a “non-starter.
A second tweet appeared aimed at the conservative right, which fears the offer he made on immigration would amount to an amnesty. He tweeted: “No. Amnesty is not part of my offer.” He said he was only talking about a three-year extension and that an amnesty would “be used only on a much bigger deal, whether on immigration or something else”.
Trump also said he was not planning a “big push to remove 11 million plus people” in the US illegally, but added a warning to Ms Pelosi to “be careful” on that.
The Democrats insist they will not negotiate until the government is reopened.
The party took over control of the House this year, while Trump’s Republicans still have a majority in the Senate. The federal budget funding would have to be agreed by both.
Opinion polls suggest most Americans blame Trump more than the Democrats for the shutdown.