The 6th Academic Forum in Beijing Technology and Business University

The 6th Academic Forum in Beijing Technology and Business University
The 6th Academic Forum in Beijing Technology and Business University

BEIJING, Nov 28 (APP): The 6th Academic Forum on China-Pakistan Scientific, Technical and Economic Cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative was held in Beijing Technology and Business University (BTBU).

In this forum, the participating experts actively contributed fresh ideas to promote the broader, deeper, fuller and more sustainable China-Pakistan cooperation.

In recent years, Chinese universities have attached great importance to exchanges and cooperation with Pakistani counterparts in science and technology, economy, education and other fields.

With years of efforts, Beijing Technology and Business University has become one of the most important think-tank platforms for China-Pakistan science, technology and economic cooperation.

This was by Cheng Xizhong, visiting Professor at Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Special Commentator of China Economic Net and former Chinese Defense Attach in South Asian countries, who attended the Academic Forum.

He also informed that through a series of complementary, mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation, Beijing Technology and Business University strives to promote practical cooperation between China and Pakistan in various fields and promote open and innovative economic development between the two countries.

Nowadays, China-Pakistan cooperation is facing new situations and opportunities, and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) construction has entered a new stage of high-quality development.
With the theme of “Inheriting China-Pakistan Friendship and Working Together to Create the Future”, this academic forum is of great significance to inherit China-Pakistan traditional friendship, explore bilateral development prospects in the new era, and promote China-Pakistan scientific, technological and economic cooperation and exchanges.

Prof Cheng Xizhong said that China and Pakistan have shared weal and woe for seven decades, nurtured a unique “iron friendship”, forged rock-solid political mutual trust and achieved the most precious strategic assets.

Last month, Chinese President Xi Jinping had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Imran Khan, and both sides expressed that they would jointly build the CPEC with high quality, promote cooperation in agriculture, digital economy, people’s livelihood and other fields, and constantly release the positive CPEC effects in maintaining growth and benefiting people’s livelihood.

He commented that with the CPEC construction entering a high-quality development stage and the acceleration of Pakistan’s industrialization, urbanization and digitization, China’s investment in Pakistan will also usher in new opportunities.

China will do its best to firmly support Pakistan in embarking on a development path in line with its national conditions and in realizing the grand vision of “New Pakistan”.

Scientific, technological and economic cooperation and exchanges are an important part of all-round, multi-field and in-depth exchanges and cooperation between the two countries.

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