Taliban approach on anti-terror efforts, inclusive govt welcoming: Russian FM

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov - Photo courtesy Russian Foreign Ministry

ISLAMABAD, Sep 16 (APP): Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the Taliban’s approach on fighting against terrorism, drug trafficking and prevention of threats for neighboring countries was welcoming.

“The Taliban proclaimed their goals themselves, declaring, in particular, their commitment to further fighting against terrorism and drug trafficking. They assured everyone else that they would do their utmost to prevent any threats for neighboring countries from Afghan soil, that they had no intention of destabilizing neighboring countries,” the Russian foreign minister told media Wednesday during his visit to Tajikistan, TASS news agency of Russia reported.

He said Taliban had also made commitment to form an inclusive government that reflected the full spectrum of Afghan society, and its political, ethnic and confessional balance.

“We supported [that], just like the vast majority of countries across the globe, we welcomed this approach, and now we are keeping an eye on how it will be implemented,” Sergey Lavrov said.

He said too little time has passed to draw any final conclusions.

The news agency also quoted Sergey Lavrov as saying, “The Taliban have not yet been recognized by any country. Everyone is talking about the need to have contacts with them on current issues, first of all, on security issues, respect for the rights of citizens, and ensure the normal functioning of diplomatic missions.”