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BEIJING, Jun 8 (APP):A Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson on Monday confirmed that a meeting between senior military officials of China and India was held during weekend and
said the two sides were ready to engage in consultations to properly resolve the border standoff.
“On the afternoon of June 6, a meeting was held between the commanders of China and India in Chusul- Moldo region in which the two sides held consultations,” Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Hua Chunying said during her regular briefing held here.
She informed that recently, the diplomatic and military channels of the two sides have maintained close communications on the situation along the border.
“One consensus is that the two sides need to implement the two leaders’ consensus and make sure that differences do not escalate into disputes,” she added.
The spokesperson said, the two sides would work to maintain peace and tranquillity along border and create a good atmosphere so the situation over all is stable and controllable.
“The two sides are ready to engage in consultation to properly solve the relevant issues,” she added.
On Saturday, a meeting between Chinese delegation led by Maj Gen Liu Lin, commander of the South Xinjiang military region and Indian delegation led Lt Gen Harinder Singh, commander of Leh-based 14 Corps was held in Chusul-Moldo region on Saturday.
The prevailing border standoff between China and India was triggered by India’s construction of roads and air strips in the region.
India unilaterally declared Ladakh a federal territory while separating it from disputed Kashmir in August 2019. China strongly condemned the move, raising it at international forums including the U.N. Security Council.
The China-India border dispute covers nearly 3,500 kilometers (2,175 miles) of frontier that the two countries call the Line of Actual Control. They fought a war in 1962 that spilled into Ladakh. The two sides have been trying since the early
1990s to settle their dispute without success.
China claims about 90,000 square kilometers (35,000 square miles) of territory under New Delhi’s control.