ISLAMABAD, Oct 28 (APP): A seminar to mark Kashmir Black Day was held
in European Press Club in Brussels, Belgium by Kashmir Council Europe.
A large number of Human Right activists, students and members of civil
society along with prominent local Pakistanis attended the event, says a press release received here on Wednesday from Brussels.
The ceremony was marked by speeches by various speakers and
highlighted the violations of human rights in Indian Occupied Kashmir.
Ms. Danielle Caron, and Dr. Manzoor Zahoor, Member Brussels Parliament also spoke on the occasion and drew the attention of the world to the sufferings of people of Kashmir.
The attention was drawn to indifference attitude of world and media
to highlight the sufferings and violations of fundamental rights of
Kashmiris especially women and children. It was also mentioned that this tragedy is insult of human consciousness.
The legal position in the light of international law was also
explained. It is a long outstanding dispute on the table of United Nations. The people of Kashmir are waiting for justice as per International Law.
They asked the European Union and United Nations and other powers to
play positive role to solve to ameliorate the sufferings of Kashmiri people and stop violations of human rights being carried out by the Indian forces in Indian Occupied Kashmir.
The question and answer session was also held and latest reports of
Amnesty International and other international organizations was discussed in detail and highlighted the structural and systematic injustice to people of Kashmir. The gathering reiterated to support morally and politically the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir.
The audience and speakers also invited the attention of world
community to take notice of human atrocities in Indian occupied Kashmir and intervene on humanitarian grounds to stop the violations of fundamental rights of people of Kashmir.