Saudi Arabia participates in UN High-level AI Advisory Body meeting

Dr. Latifa bint Mohammed Al-Abdulkareem
New York, Dec 10 (SPA/APP):The United Nations High-level Advisory Body on Artificial Intelligence, composed of 38 members from various countries worldwide, has held its first in-person meeting in New York City, with the participation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The Kingdom was represented in the UN Advisory Body by the Shura Council’s member Dr. Latifa bint Mohammed Al-Abdulkareem, with the participation of a delegation from the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA).
The meeting discussed the potential adoption of AI technologies, addressing challenges arising from their misuse, and delving into the governance mechanisms of AI at both the national and global levels.
In 2020, the Kingdom hosted a consultation session during the Global AI Summit organized by the SDAIA, discussing the establishment of this advisory body for AI under the UN.
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