SAMENA Leaders’ Summit to be held in Dubai on April 18

Dubai, Apr 17 (APP):All arrangements have been finalized to drive discussion on 5G commercialization at SAMENA Leaders’ Summit scheduled to be held in Dubai on April 18.

Hosting for the sixth consecutive year at region’s most important telecommunications summit, Huawei, a world leading provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, will arrange  ‘5G is ON’ forum as part of the Summit, said a press release received here.

Huawei will explore 5G readiness of the region and engage in discussions exploring large-scale deployment and commercialization of 5G.

Private and public sector industry leaders will take part in sub forum to discuss how emerging 5G-enabled intelligent services and innovations can help operators identify new business opportunities and thereby achieve growth.

As global partner of choice for operators launching 5G, Huawei will also use the event as a platform to demonstrate how its E2E 5G solutions can help Middle Eastern organizations fully capitalize on the commercialization of 5G.

SAMENA Leaders’ Summit is a platform for private and government sector leaders in telecommunications sector to discuss opportunities and challenges in the industry. 
Attracting delegates from across 29 regional nations, this year the summit invites industry partners to discuss how emerging 5G-enabled services and innovations will start to take shape in the region.

Under the summit theme ‘Early Proliferation of 5G Vital to Building the Digital Economy’, Huawei will partake in several key discussions. These include the high-level leaders’ roundtable conversation addressing the impact of 5G, industry 4.0, cross-industry engagement and digital enablement. 

Huawei will also be a key contributor to leaders’ panel discussion, addressing the topic of enabling and transitioning to an ‘inclusive 5G’ ecosystem.

In his keynote address presentation, ‘Bring you 5G Safer, Faster, Smarter’, Charles Yang, President of Huawei Middle East, will address the progress that Middle East and North Africa countries have made in the implementation of 5G, while highlighting the groundbreaking achievements made by Huawei in realization of accessible 5G  

“We are excited to meet with our partners and stakeholders in Dubai to discuss how together we can lead this transformative epoch of digital transformation,” he said.