PM, President Erdogan exchange pleasantries

PM, President Erdogan exchange pleasantries

ANKARA, June 4 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have exchanged pleasantries during their interaction marked by interesting remarks on the inauguration ceremony of the latter yesterday.

The prime minister had travelled to Turkiye to join the world leaders in the inauguration ceremony of President Erdogan.

President Erdogan’s spouse also joined the interaction. They appreciated Pakistani mangoes.

The prime minister conveying felicitation to the president on his re-election and said that Pakistani nation was overjoyed at his success.

He also thanked him for extending an invitation to attend the ceremony and share their joys, PM Office Media Wing in a press release, in Urdu language, said.

The prime minister, on the occasion, expressed best wishes for the president.

He informed them about the gift of Pakistani mangoes which brought smiles on the faces of President Erdogan and Emine Erdogan.

President Erdogan reciprocated by saying that he was aware of the sweetness and delicacy of Pakistani mangoes.

Both president and his spouse thanked the prime minister for his participation.  

By Irfan Khan

Journalist with a baggage of 25 years of experience in national, political, judicial, constitutional and international affairs. Extensively covered events, developing news and happenings with pieces of articles and analysis.

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