Pakistani youths display talents at 2nd ‘Silk Road & Young Dreams’ held in Beijing

BEIJING, April 13 (APP):Over 30 Pakistani youths displayed their talents by elegantly contesting in music, speech, sand painting and photography competitions at the opening day of 2nd Silk Road and Young Dreams held here on Saturday.

Pakistani youths along with nearly 300 contestants from 70 countries in five continents of Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania participated in the three-day event organized to welcome the forthcoming Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation scheduled to be held in the Chinese capital later this month.

The event was organized by Silk Road Cities Alliance, China Friendship Foundation for Peace and Development, Beijing Belt and Road Cooperative Community, and Chongyang Research Institute for Financial Studies of the Renmin University of China.

This year’s event highlighted the theme of “Belt and Road, People-oriented”, focusing on finding real touches from specific cooperation projects and vivid examples.

The annual event drew strong support from diplomatic bodies in China, Chinese and foreign cultural institutions and partner organizations.

Former Prime Minister of Ukraine, Yuriy Ivanovych Yekhanurov, former Deputy Minister of Russian Ministry of Culture, Mikhail Lemontov, and President of International Academy of Ceramics UNESCO, Tobien Kavasbo, Hungarian sand animation master Ferenc Cako and other guests came to attend the event to share their experience and wisdom with young people.

More than 40 diplomatic envoys in China from Pakistan, Bahrain, Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, Sri Lanka and the Maldives were present to cheer for their outstanding players.

Compared with the previous event, this year, more contestants took part in competitions.

On the basis of the music, speech and photography in the last event, three activities of sand painting creation, essay exchange and e-sports were added this year.

The specifications of the event had been greatly improved. The exchange of papers in this event was closely related to the “Belt & Road” international cooperation project.

According to the organizers, high specification international cooperation projects will be signed in this event.

The young people of the “Belt and Road” are a group of dream-seekers. The
organizers lead young people to fly their dreams along the direction of “peace, prosperity, openness, green, innovation, and civilization” through activities such as speech, music, photography, sand painting, e-sports and other young people’s favorite activities, injecting new impetus into building a Belt and Road community with shared future for mankind.

During the event, in addition to various competitions, “The Silk Road Youth Carnival” will be held, and the Silk Road Youth Beijing Initiative will be issued to discuss the new path of youth exchange and cooperation, as well as visiting the historical sites in Beijing, and tasting the fresh tea from land of idyllic beauty.