BEIJING, Feb 15 (APP):A Pakistani student, who cured and discharged after recovering from pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus in a hospital in Guangzhou, China, has vowed to go back to Wuhan for study.

“I have been taken good care in Guangzhou. Chinese people are so nice. I’d like to go back to Wuhan to study,” he said.

The young Pakistan patient, who asked not to be named, had been studying in Wuhan for a year and a half.

A few days after making his trip to Guangzhou during mid-January, the young man felt sick and went to the hospital to be diagnosed with the COVID-19 pneumonia and had started quarantine from that day.

He and his friends had certain concerns about their health situation and underwent some depression due to unaccustomed eating habits. To help them calm and recover, medical workers in the Eighth Hospital of Guangzhou tried all kind of efforts to find proper food in the market, sacrificing their own rest time.

Dr Li Jianping, one of his attending physicians said the hospital canteen even started to prepare custom-made sandwiches with eggs in them.

The Pakistani student said, “They (Chinese staff) took very good care of us. They were very nice to us. We did not have any problems with communication. The Chinese government paid for my treatment, and they paid for everything in the hospital, whatever I needed.”

Before leaving the hospital, the Pakistani student received a package with flowers, face masks, and sterilization supplies, as a gift with the blessing from the medical team.

The young man appreciated the treatment he received during the last two weeks days in Guangzhou while slightly regretted that he could not get to see the faces of the medical staff because of the heavy protection on them.

However, he added, these “angels in white” already are and will be his real good friends that he will thank for the rest of his life.

Pakistan’s Counsel General in Guanzhou, Dr. Diyar Khan expressed gratitude towards the efforts made by the Chinese government to ensure the safety and health of Pakistani national in China like its own people, with full confidence that the epidemic will ultimately be defeated.

It may be mentioned here that to date in Guangdong, five of the 10 foreign patients diagnosed with pneumonia caused by neovel coronavirus have been cured and discharged.

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