China cold chain technology may help Pakistan reduce loss of agri products: Chen Lin
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BEIJING, Nov 10 (APP): Pakistani products have attracted a large number of visitors at the West China (Chengdu) International Supply Chain and Smart Logistics Expo 2020 opened in Chengdu, China.

As one of the supply chain representatives in this logistics exhibition, Sichuan Chinbreez Import and Export Company displayed Pakistani wooden furniture, carpets, and clothing, etc.

“Our company was founded two years ago in Chengdu by me and my Pakistani partner Khan,” said Vivian Yang, co-founder of Sichuan Chinbreez, a Chinese businesswoman. Her business partner Khan is a Pakistani living in Guangzhou, China for four years, China Economic Net (CEN) reported.

“Our main products are Pakistani handicraft, furniture, traditional clothing, as well as Indian and Nepalese cashmere scarves and shawls.”

According to Vivian Yang, products with South Asian style patterns are especially popular among Chinese customers.

“Khan knows more about Pakistani culture, customs, and products than I do. And I can offer some ideas and suggestions from the Chinese perspective,” said Vivian Yang, the cooperation of them is complementary.

“As a foreigner, my negotiations with Pakistani suppliers may not be as smooth. With Khan’s participation, we can get the best products at the lowest prices more easily.

Khan, as a Pakistani, does not know much about Chinese culture and what is popular in China. We can cooperate to open the Chinese market with Pakistani products in a more effective way.”

“Heavy goods like furniture come here by railway or by sea. Light pieces like clothing and textiles are by plane.

Due to the COVID-19, this year’s logistics cost doubled compared with last year.”

 Vivian Yang told us that their clothing is transported from Islamabad to Guangzhou province by plane.

The number of flight sharply dropped this year.

“Because of the epidemic, flights between China and Pakistan are particularly few, so we can not import in a large amount.”

“The trade cooperation between China and Pakistan is at an early stage. We hope that with efforts made by all parties, a better logistic system between China and Pakistan could be built soon,” she said.