Pakistani garments gaining popularity in China

Pakistani garments gaining popularity in China

BEIJING, Feb 26 (APP): Pakistani garments are making a significant mark in the Chinese fashion market, with a notable surge in popularity across various apparel segments, particularly in the men’s and women’s garments, Ghulam Qadir Commercial Counsellor at the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing said in an interview on Monday.

He said, “In 2023, the top five Pakistani textile products to China crossed $92.61 million. Exports of home textiles, jerseys and pullovers, and T-shirts to China amounted to $5.89 million, $33.47 million, and over $14.11 million respectively.

Pakistani men’s garment exports to China reached $28.66 million, while women’s garment exports hit $10.46 million, up from $9.44 million in the same period last year, a rise of 11%. Overall, exports for men’s and women’s garments exceeded $39.12 million, marking a 3% increase in 2023.”

Ghulam Qadir said that the emerging market dynamics in China present opportunities for collaboration and expansion between the two countries. Businesses in both Pakistan and China need to capitalize on this trend by understanding consumer preferences and adapting their strategies accordingly.

Looking ahead, Pakistan is going to organize a Textile Fair (TEXPO) in May 2024, which is expected to attract Chinese investors, he added.

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