Pakistani enterprises eyes potential in aquaculture cooperation with China

Pakistani enterprises eyes potential in aquaculture cooperation with China
BEIJING, Sep 20 (APP):More and more Pakistani aquatic product exporters enjoy zero tariffs and become aware of the details of the China-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement (CPFTA). “We have registered new species under the second phase of CPFTA, which can help increase our exports to China,” said Ghulam Qadir, commercial counselor of the Pakistani Embassy in China.
At present, many Pakistani companies seek to deepen their cooperation with Chinese partners to increase their exports of aquatic products. On September 13, a Pakistani agricultural delegation led by Shahid Firoz, representative of Pakistan Arfeen Group and vice chairman of Belt and Road Development Company, paid a visit to the China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance(CAPPMA) in Beijing, China, and had an in-depth discussion on deepening China-Pakistan cooperation in aquaculture industry, CEN reported.
“Our company is a comprehensive enterprise in Pakistan with businesses covering trade, food processing, agriculture, etc. We also own abundant water resources such as lakes and reservoirs. The main purpose of our visit is to get connections with excellent aquatic product companies,” said Shahid Firoz. He also hoped that Chinese enterprises could assist them in the development of aquaculture and promote trade cooperation.
“Our association is a leading industry organization in the fishery industry, with more than 1,800 member enterprises in China. We also maintain close cooperation with many national and international fishery-related organizations,” said Cui He, chairman of CAPPMA.
He is willing to help Arfeen Group build partnerships with other aquatic product companies. “We have rich experience and knowledge in the circulation and processing of aquatic products. We are willing to provide necessary technical and marketing support to Pakistani friends for the development of the fishery industry.”
Shahid Firoz eyes great potential in Pak-China cooperation in the aquaculture industry, and he is ready to take actions to deepen the cooperation. “For example, the production efficiency and product quality of our aquaculture industry can be improved with China’s advanced technology and experience. We can also jointly promote the processing of Pakistani aquatic products and their sales in the Chinese market.
On the other hand, the import of Chinese fish fry and fish feed can be increased by better marketing with our support,” he added.
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