Pakistani-American entrepreneurs urged to invest in flood-hit Pakistan’s education sector

WASHINGTON, Sep 12 (APP): Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US, Masood Khan, has called on Pakistani-American entrepreneurs to focus on investing in flood-ravaged Pakistan’s education sector during the rehabilitation phase after waters recede.

“The flood situation in Pakistan would be a big setback for our students who already suffered during COVID pandemic days”, he said while briefing the entrepreneurs about the havoc wrought by floods triggered by climate change that was threatening nations across the world.

The United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, estimates the monsoon rains and ensuing flooding have damaged or destroyed at least 18,000 schools across the country, depriving millions of children of access to education. It says hospitals and other infrastructure on which children rely for essential services have been put out of commission.

UNICEF also said the children affected are among the most vulnerable in the country, adding they live in many of the 72 hardest-hit districts.

“The recent flood and the massive devastation in Pakistan is a consequence of climate change. This phenomenon is going to grow whether it is Pakistan or any other country in South Asia or the world”, Ambassador Ambassador said.

Ambassador Masood Khan thanked Ms. Ambreen Mirza, President of Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs (OPEN) Global, for organizing the event, calling her a “dynamic leader”.

He shared details of the devastation caused by the floods that has submerged one third of the country, killing 1400 people, with more than 13,000 injured.

Ms. Fiza Shah, CEO of Developments in Literacy (DIL), briefed the participants about the work being done by her organization for improvement in education in Pakistan.

She said that DIL was working in Pakistan since 1997 and has impacted about 300,000 students and trained about 20,000 teachers. DIL was also working on the curriculum development in Pakistan and was working with public and private sector in this regard.

“The work being done by DIL under the able leadership of Ms. Fiza Shah was commendable and praiseworthy”, Ambassador Masood Khan said.

He also thanked the participants for their support, solidarity and humanitarian assistance to Pakistan as we deal with ravages of the deadly floods.