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BEIJING, Oct 10 (APP): Pakistan is one of nine production bases of Gree electric appliances, world’s largest air conditioning manufacturer headquartered in Zhuhai, China’s Guangdong province.

Gree has nine production bases around the world, seven are located in China, another two in Pakistan and Brazil with more than 90,000 employees.

“Currently, we are exporting our goods and technologies to 166 countries while we are carrying out our business in Pakistan through local agencies,” Wei Zhang, Vice President of Gree Electric Appliances informed journalists from different countries including Pakistan, Japan, France, Vietnam, Singapore and Hong Kong etc during a field trip to Shenzhen and Zhuhai cities of Guangdong province.

“Our cooperation with Pakistan is mainly about the exporting products and sharing our skills and experience through the local agencies,” he said.
The media tour was arranged by the State Council Information Office of China and it focused on the 40 year’s development of Shenzhen and Zhuhai Special Economic Zones.

In a briefing during visit to Shenzhen’s Mawan Intelligent Port located in the Qianhai Free Trade Zone, the officials informed that Mawan was China’s first port that was upgraded from a traditional port to a smart one and one of the most typical examples of 5G applications.

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“Previously, workers had to climb to the operators’ cab to work, which is dozens of meters high above the ground.

Working conditions are tough. Now, they can sit in front of the computer in the control room and finish the work as high-definition videos of the site are transmitted to the computer with superfast 5G network,” said Nick Liu, Operations System Planning and Service Manager of China Merchants Port (South China) Management Center.

Deployment of the 5G network has also reduced construction and operating costs, and enhanced the stability of internet in the port.

“Ports used to connect to the internet mainly through optical fiber or Wifi, which is high in construction and operating cost and low in stability. And some areas cannot be covered by the internet,” he said. “The 5G network provides the foundation for us to offer better services.”

The “smart” upgrade has enhanced the port’s operating efficiency by 30 percent and cut the number of workers on site by 80 percent, said officials of China Merchants Port, which owns the Mawan SmartPort. Safety hazards have been reduced by 50 percent.

He said the change in Mawan Intelligent Port could become a role model for other domestic and overseas traditional ports to seek “smart” transformation.
The media persons also visited Leigh and Orange Architects, Guangdong Free Trade Zone’s Qianhai and Shekou Area, Tencent Holdings, Ping An Insurance Company, the Hengqin New Area, Hengqin Comprehensive Service Center of the Guangdong Office under the macao Neighborhood Association Federation, Inno Valley HQ, Pachira Information Technology and Bring Buys Information Technology in Shenzhen and Zhuhai.

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Both Shenzhen and Zhuhai located in Guangdong province were among the first four special economic zones established by the Chinese government in 1979.

Shenzhen became the model for China’s Special Economic Zones when it was transformed from 126-square-miles of villages known for sales of knockoffs to a bustling business metropolis.

Located a short bus ride from Hong Kong in southern China, Shenzhen is now one of China’s richest cities.

Zhuhai also a special economic zone in China was established 40 years ago. It represents a powerful economic center, which important connection with two significant business partners, Macau and Hong Kong.

Zhuhai and Gwadar, under a memorandum of understanding signed between Pakistan and China in 2015, were named as sister cities.