WASHINGTON, Aug 8 (APP): Pakistan American Congress (PAC), an umbrella organization of major Pakistani organizations, will join members of Pakistan Congressional Caucus, US legislators and Human Rights Group leaders at a policy forum to condemn the ongoing atrocities by India in the held valley of Kashmir.

The Policy Forum will be held on Thursday at US Capitol Hill and will express their condemnation of human and civil rights violations that has claimed more than 50 lives with hundreds of others wounded, including women and children.

Violence has erupted in the Indian Occupied Kashmir after Indian forces killed a young Kashmiri freedom fighter Burhan Wani in a shootout in July. His death triggered a wave of violence across Kashmir with people taking to the street to condemn the killing.

The protest rallies have turned into a mass movement to demand freedom and withdrawal of Indian troops from the valley. The US government has also expressed concern over the violence and has called to end the violence.

“The forum to meet on Thursday at US Capitol Hill is intended to convey a broad-based world popular response to atrocities being committed by Indian Occupying Armed Forces on peaceful citizens of Kashmir in the recent wave of uprising for the freedom and right to self-determination,” a statement from the PAC President Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Toor said.

He condemned the violence which included rape, abductions, imprisonments, torture and tactics of force, which he added has blinded several young and old, men and women peaceful protesters.

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