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Pak Community organizes Eid Milan Party in Guangzhou, China

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BEIJING, June 22 (APP): The Consulate General of Pakistan in Guangzhou organized a heartwarming Eid ul Adha get-together event for Pakistani students, faculty members from various universities, and the Pakistani Community in Guangzhou, capital city of Guangdong in South China.

The event was held on June 17 at a Pakistani restaurant and drew a large number of attendees.

The event, which aimed to bring the Pakistani community together to celebrate the festive occasion, was met with enthusiasm and appreciation.

Acting Consul General Sardar Muhammad emphasized the significance of the strong bond between Pakistan and China, highlighting the pivotal role of Pakistani students and researchers in fostering educational and cultural exchanges between the two countries.

During his keynote speech on the occasion, Sardar Muhammad encouraged the Pakistani community studying in various educational institutions across South China to recognize their crucial role as ambassadors of their country.

He urged them to uphold the responsibility of representing Pakistan with integrity and diligence, emphasizing the importance of excelling in their academic pursuits and fulfilling their assigned tasks to the best of their abilities.

Additionally, the Consul General expressed gratitude towards the Guangdong government and Chinese authorities at different levels for their continued support in providing opportunities for Pakistani students and researchers to advance their careers and academic endeavors in their respective fields.

A highlight of the event was the engaging performance by students hailing from distant universities, showcasing their talents on traditional musical instruments such as Rabab, tabla, and harmonium.

The participants were impressed and captivated by the musical presentation, showering the performers with praise and applause for their exemplary skills. Furthermore, the attendees had the opportunity to relish authentic Pakistani cuisine, including the beloved dish of Biryani, adding a flavorful touch to the celebratory atmosphere.

The Eid Milan party organized by the Consulate General of Pakistan in Guangzhou not only served as a platform for cultural exchange and camaraderie among Pakistani students and faculty members in the region but also underscored the significance of unity and celebratory spirit within the community.

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