NEW YORK, Jan 1 (APP): More than a million people in New York’s Times Square exuberantly rang in 2017, with a colourful celebration amid cold weather and some serious safety precautions.
Moments before leaving his job, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon pushed a crystal button to begin the 60-second countdown to 2017, along with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, that also launched the drop of the traditional ball.
Celebrants packed all spaces around the iconic square hours in advance for the countdown. Famed singer and actress Mariah Carey and others performed.
More than 7,000 officers were deployed to secure the city for New Year’s Eve.
The glittering crystal ball that ushered in the new year was was brighter than ever before. It dropped above the crowd at midnight, the climax of an annual rite of winter dating back to 1904.
Amid terror concerns, police took extraordinary measures to ensure security at a gathering that has come to define the New York experience for many visitors to the largest U.S. city.
But the event, broadcast live on national television, went off without a hint of trouble, as a festive mood prevailed.