Oppression in Indian occupied Kashmir rising: Dr. Fai

NEW YORK, Jul 07 (APP):A prominent Kashmiri leader has warned the international community that the “massive campaign of brutal oppression” in Indian occupied Kashmir was on rise.

“The irony is that the impunity given to the violator of human rights is not in the context of a new dispute; it is being allowed to persist in a territory which, under international law, is not part of any member state of the UN and whose status is yet to be determined through a free and impartial plebiscite”, Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, secretary-general of the World Kashmir Awareness Forum, told a gathering at Mosaic Center, Edmonton & Edmonton Community Center, Alberta, Canada, according to a message received here.

Dr. Farhan Chak, a resident of Edmonton and Associate Professor of Political Science at Qatar University, hosted the event.

Dr. Fai said the great powers’ “virtual inaction” has been a cause of the greatest sorrow to the people of Kashmir.

“What makes this indifference impossible to understand is that the Kashmir problem is not politically an uncharted terrain about which no roadmap exists. The United Nations has at its inception devoted immense labour and thought to its solution,” he said.