Non Hindu groups target of BJP suppression in India

Non Hindu groups target of BJP suppression in India
Non Hindu groups target of BJP suppression in India

BEIJING, Dec 10 (APP)::The ruling foundation of the current Bharatiya Janata Party BJP government is Hindu extremism, which mainly depends on the Indian main ethnic groups who speak Hindi and believe in Hinduism.

Under the cruel rule of the current administration, ethnic minorities and non-Hindu groups in India are the targets of suppression. Therefore, in many parts of northeast India, including Nagaland, people are fighting for the independence.

These views were expressed by Cheng Xizhong, visiting professor at Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Special Commentator of China Economic Net in an article issued here on Friday.

By analyzing the current situation in India, India looks a unified country, but it is scattered within the country. There is a huge gap between ethnic minorities and main ethnic groups, and between Hindu groups and non-Hindugroups in India.

Different languages, cultures and beliefs make India’s domestic contradictions extremely complex, and there is the possibility of civil war and civil strife at any time. India is like a powder keg and tension in the country is rapidly reaching flashpoint.

Prof. Cheng Xizhong said that due to the extremely serious disciplinary problems of the Indian security forces, the facts of “killing innocent people to collect the rewards” by the Indian security forces are exposed once in a while in India. Recently, such an incident occurred again in Nagaland.

This incident directly escalated into a civil strife. A large number of local people even have set up a self-defense army and shouted the slogan of independence.

According to a report by Indian media on December 6, a very serious incident of “killing innocent people to collect the rewards” occurred in Nagaland. Indian security forces killed at least 14 innocent people, saying that these villagers may be rebels.

The incident is gradually escalating. The people of Nagaland have spontaneously formed a self-defense army and are burning military barracks.

Relevant leaders of the self-defense army said that they would resolutely resist the brutal rule of New Delhi and hope to take this opportunity to gain independence. It is clear that northeast India will eventually fall into civil war.