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Minister Salik meets Addilah company officials before Pak Hujjaj’s departure for Makkah

MADINAH al MUNAWWARAH, May 17 (APP):: Minister for Religious Affairs Chaudhry Salik Hussain on Friday visited the office of Adillah company/Maktab Asnaad Al-Mutakaamil on invitation of its CEO to discuss Hajj related matters particularly departure of ‘advanced caravans’ of Pakistani pilgrims today from Madinah to Makkah.

Adillah, a service provider company, is responsible for dealing with all hajj related/pilgrim welfare affairs including passport collection, departure of Hujjaj from Madinah to Makkah, visit to Riazul Jannah, accommodation and transport facilities.
During the visit, the minister held a meeting with CEO of Adillah Company Esam Damyati and discussed the ongoing Hajj operation in detail.

The Adillah CEO appreciated the Pakistan Hajj Mission administration for making comprehensive arrangements to facilitate pilgrims, hoping “This year’s pilgrimage will be one of the best experiences, better-management wise.”
Minister Salik Hussan thanked the Adillah CEO for extending all possible assistance and cooperation to the Ministry and Pakistan Hajj Mission in ensuring seamless Hajj operation.

He also mentioned that digitization of Hajj related services by the Saudi authorities had really worked in improving the Hajj arrangements.

Moreover, he appreciated the Saudi government for taking a number of innovative measures like formation of new companies, increasing number of hajj welfare staff both male and female and use of latest technology.
The Adillah CEO stressed the need for increased interaction between his company and Pakistan Hajj Mission representatives.

Adillah’s Head of Investment Management Ahmed Hammad said the company was keen to explore ways and means for enhanced investment in the Hajj related matters with the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Pakistan Hajj Mission.
Operational Manager of the company Aasim Sheenavi said an exemplary dedication had been observed in the team of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Pakistan Hajj Mission, eventually leading to a successful Hajj operation 2024.


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