Masood Khan felicitates Texan lawmaker Salman Bhojani for strengthening Pak-US ties

Amb Masood Khan

WASHINGTON, Apr 04 (APP): Pakistan’s Ambassador to the U.S., Masood Khan, Tuesday called the newly-elected Texas House of Representatives Member, Salman Bhojani, a Pakistani-American, to thank him for his role in strengthening Washington-Islamabad relations, according to a Pakistani embassy’s press release.

He congratulated him for the landmark resolution in Texan State Assembly to recognize “Pakistan Day of Action at the State Capitol” on the occasion of Pakistan Day.

“Politicians of Pakistani descent are making Pakistani diaspora and Pakistan proud not only by their dynamism and leadership qualities but also by serving as a bridge between the two countries and forging robust linkages between law-makers, professionals, experts, business community and others,” the Pakistani envoy said during his phone call to Representative Bhojani.

“Pakistan has one of the world’s youngest populations, with about 63 percent of the nation’s citizens being between the ages of 15 and 33 and Texas businesses can utilize the country’s highly skilled young professionals to advance the state’s economy, particularly in the information technology and biotech industries,” stated the resolution introduced by Rep. Bhojani.

Rep. Bhojani thanked the Ambassador for his appreciation and reiterated his commitment to continue serving his homeland as well as his motherland in every possible manner.

He also briefed the Ambassador about his contributions during flood relief activities in Pakistan after one-third of the country was inundated, affecting over 33 million people.

Rep. Bhojani said that passage of the resolution by the Texan state assembly was an acknowledgment of the contributions being made by the Pakistani community towards the socio-economic development of Texas, in particular, and the United States, in general.

Ambassador Khan encouraged Representative Bhojani to use his networks to connect professionals and business leaders and promote people-to-people exchanges, the press release said.

He also broached with Rep. Bhojani the possibility of a sister state-province relationship between Texas and a province in Pakistan.

Ambassador Masood Khan assured Rep. Bhojani of every possible support of the Embassy of Pakistan and its Consulates in his mission to serve his community and bring the two countries close to each other.

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