ISLAMABAD, Nov 23 (APP): The veteran Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani,has said that Kashmir is an international dispute, which has risked not only the future of 13 million Kashmiris, but it is also the main reason behind the instability and political uncertainty in the South Asian region.
Syed Ali Gilani in a statement issued in Srinagar conceded that issues were resolved through talks, but added that “unless India accepts Kashmir as a dispute and stops terming the so-called elections in the territory as a referendum, the dialogue process will remain meaningless,”Kashmir Media Service reported.
“Till date, more than 150 rounds of talks have been held but to no
avail. The lingering of the Kashmir dispute is not making 13 million
population of the territory to suffer but also endangers peace in the entire
South Asia.” The biggest hindrance to the resolution of this issue is the
stubborn approach of India which, instead of adhering to the international
principles and covenants, is suppressing the dispute through its military
might, he added.
He urged Pakistan not to ask for talks with India but focus on the
United Nations (UN) resolutions as a solution to the Kashmir dispute.
The veteran leader terming pro-India parties as open enemies of people,
said that these parties advocate Pak-India talks just to mislead the masses.
“These pro-India parties are not only responsible for weakening our
freedom struggle but have helped the oppressors in every possible way to
strengthen the chains of slavery.” Since 1947, he added, these parties have
collaborated with occupational rulers in inflicting the tyrannies and
brutalities upon us and are equally responsible for every killing and massacre Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed.
He said there is no difference between NC, PDP, Congress or any other
party. “These are the same people who invited Indian forces to the soil of
Kashmir on October, 27 1947 and again welcomed those communal parties who
massacred innocent Muslims in Gujarat,” he said.