International journalists praise facilities, objective journalism in China

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BEIJING, May 4 (APP): Foreign journalists admired the facilities, objective journalism, and freedom of international news organizations and their reporters in China on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, which was marked on Tuesday across the globe.

According to APP Beijing special correspondent Muhammad Asghar, China Economic Net during a series of bilateral and multilateral activities, the media persons were fully facilitated. In wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a mechanism was devised and the latest technologies were used to ensure online coverage.

“Since my arrival in China, I have witnessed that the relevant Chinese authorities always guarantee the legitimate rights of foreign news organizations and their reporters. During routine and special events, they provide convenience for the reporting work,”, Asghar stated.

He said in the latest mega event of the Beijing Winter Olympics which was attended by both local and foreign media, the Chinese authorities made profound and comprehensive arrangements, and it was a great success, adding that the foreign media is also encouraged to issue increasingly precise, balanced, and objective reports about China.

“The Chinese government also supports Chinese media organizations with foreign media entities in the areas of news products, human resources, information technology and operation, and the foreign reporters are invited to pay more visits to China and see more parts of the country,” he mentioned.

Hafiz Chaudhary Muhammad Zubair Bashir, working as a foreign expert in China Media Group told CEN that he has started his journey as a broadcast journalist in China. After four years, he can say that he had enjoyed all types of media in China.

“I am happy to be a part of the journalist community because journalism is gaining ground these days. We are living in a fast-changing world with a fast flow of information. To cater to the situation, many modes of propagation have come up,” Zubair mentioned.

He further said that like in other parts of the world, in China, Journalism as a career is developing and expanding as a profession at a very high speed in the form of modes and technologies.

“We have been provided excellent working conditions here. My key achievement is that I learnt how to remain positive instead, you can say that I have practiced a constructive journalism approach in true letter and spirit here in China”, he stated.

Zubair further said that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed people’s lives all over the world and in China he learned how to provide reliable information throughout the crisis.

Jan Rawan Zazai, a journalist from Afghanistan, working in China Radio International, said the Chinese media is using the most modern technologies, especially in the field of digital media which polished his journalistic skills.

“I’ve been based here for seven years, In my opinion, there must be more media exchanges between China and Afghanistan, so my fellow journalists come and could have a better understanding of objective journalism,”, Rawan said.

He said that his media outlet has provided him many good opportunities to visit different places here, and this helped him understand China in a border way and he concluded that China is a beautiful place, worth seeing with lovely people.

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