BEIJING, July 27 (APP): The “International Army Games – 2018” will be formally kicked off in Korla, northwest Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China from Saturday (July 28).
A contingent of Pakistan armed forces has already arrived in Korla to participate in the games, told by a senior official in the Chinese Defence Ministry here Friday.
The official said the Pakistani contingent will participate in one contest namely ‘clear sky’ to be hosted by China as part of international army games. The preparations for this year’s games, he told have already been completed and all foreign participants and their equipment have arrived at the sites for the competitions. This is the fifth year for the Chinese military to participate in the games and the second year to host the games.
He said teams from 10 countries such as Russia and Belarus and an observing delegation from Armenia have also arrived to participant in the contest.
The Chinese military will host and participate in four competitions in China, and also participate in 18 competitions in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.