KARACHI, Oct 26 (APP): The 23 year old deaf-mute Indian girl
Geeta left for home on Monday via PK 272 after no less than 13 years
long wait.
Accompanied by Bilquis Edhi and two other members of Edhi
Foundation, in her journey back home, the girl apparently a little
nervy was also excited and hopeful to be finally reunited with her
actual family members.
Talking to media persons, alongside Geeta before her departure
at Quaid-e-Azam International Airport, Faisal Edhi of the Edhi foundation said his NGO was committed to ensure that Geeta meets her family.
“She was alone and disoriented when she joined the Edhi
Foundation family and being deaf was even named Geeta by my mother,”
he said thanking both the governments of Pakistan and India for
supporting a humanitarian cause.
To a query, he said Bilquis Edhi would remain in India till Geeta
reaches her actual family adding that foundation would continue to
stay in touch with her in future too.
He said Indian authorities have arranged air ticket besides
boarding and lodging facilities for Geeta, his mother and other
members of Edhi Foundation.
Geeta herself, before boarding a Pakistan International Airlines
flight to Delhi thanked the people of Pakistan for providing shelter
and taking care of her during her more than ten years stay in their
She, through sign language, said that besides gifts given to her
many of the citizens in general as well as friends at the Edhi Shelter
Home, she herself was also carrying presents for her family members.
Geeta’s family is reported to be living in the Indian state of