Huawei releases 3 community — a service knowledge, experience platform

Huawei releases 3 community — a service knowledge, experience platform

By Zahoor Ahmed

SHANGHAI, Sept 22 (APP): Huawei, the global technology giant, in Huawei Connect 2023 unveiled the highly-anticipated O3 Community to an enthusiastic audience of tech enthusiasts, partners, and customers from around the world.

This pioneering platform ushers in a new era of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, centered around the core concept of “online open orchestration.”

The O3 Community represents a bold step forward in Huawei’s commitment to fostering innovation and connectivity on a global scale.

Engineers, developers, and technology enthusiasts from all corners of the globe now have a dedicated space to connect and exchange their invaluable insights, experiences, and expertise.

Huawei opens its three decades of expertise in ICT services to build the O3 Community for fostering knowledge sharing and idea exchange between customers and partners.

The goal is to enable global engineers to efficiently access valuable insights and improve their service capabilities. The community has been globally deployed with support for multiple languages and platforms.

The key values of the O3 Community are also introduced at HUAWEI CONNECT 2023 including the community offers a knowledge and experience library that is tailored to scenario-based services.

With eight service sections ranging from documentation to service tools, guided learning, and experience sharing, engineers in different roles can easily acquire the knowledge they need throughout the delivery process.

The O3 Community features an intelligent knowledge service that is powered by a knowledge foundation model specific to the ICT services domain, enabling fast and accurate connections between engineers and knowledge.

This service includes intelligent search, assisted generation, and precise recommendation, making it easier for engineers to find the information they need.

In addition, the O3 Community provides a platform for engineers to exchange experiences and skills. With six platform capabilities, including online discussions, tech circles, evaluation, themed activities, requirements submission, and hall of fame, the community fosters an engineer-friendly culture that facilitates experience exchange, peer support, issue resolution, and personal growth. Jianghua Li, President of Huawei GTS Enterprise Delivery & Service Dept, highlighted the role of digitalization and AI technologies in driving the integration of technologies and industries worldwide.

Continued support from and cooperation with partners is crucial to enable industries to transform towards digital intelligence. As an integral part of Huawei’s partner services enablement system, the O3 Community has built a platform for Huawei and partners to collaborate and provide customers with a consistent service experience.

By Najam ul Hassan

Najam ul Hassan is a Sr. Reporter who reports on Prime Minister, President, Foreign Office, and special assignments.

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